AEIOU & 123 Monthly Challenge…

Well the 123 Cyber Crop chat is still going and like all good women, I’m multi-tasking!!! But I did manage to finish the monthly challenge which was black and white, hand stitching and 3+ photos. I need colour in my life so I decided to use a really warm brown cardstock. Don’t know if I pushed the boundaries with that one, but got the layout done….and that’s good. Did some tricky stuff to it like leaving the knots on the top instead of hiding them – I think it suits my style more; with the smaller photos I’ve hand drawn frames with the thick Zig pen and cut them out – no more doodling needed. The only thing that let me down is the new smaller Zig pen – not black enough!!! Disappointed. But LOVE the Rhonna Farrer stamps – can use them everywhere!!


Got the enrolment forms to AEIOU for Rainer this week. Had a little cry and then jumped for joy, then had another little cry, then phoned Michael who was between appointments and was trying NOT to cry. Everyone happy – of course but the paperwork is phenomenal. Need to copy all his reports AGAIN!! But small pain for real BIG gain. I’m busting with excitement but tired at the same time.

Off to the Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival tomorrow. Maxing out my time with Zina and I’m all packed and ready to scrap. Can’t wait.


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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

9 thoughts on “AEIOU & 123 Monthly Challenge…

  1. Oh Giovanna…sending you lots of {{{{HUGS}}}…you are SO brave to keep going in the face of all you have had going on lately. I hope it all startes looking up for you real son, and this good news is a great place to start! WONDERFUL!!!!You have a lovely time at the Papercrafts Festival tomorrow…say hi to Annette if you run into her for me!!!Chat to you soon ;o)Love Karen xoxoxoP.S. I can so totally relate to the hiding thing when you aren’t feeling good…I do it too!

  2. Gi – you are so lucky to be going to the Paper Crafts Festival! I was all ready to do some classes but my DH had to work – cry cry!!I like your latest LO – lovely and warm.Glad things are starting to come together with your DS!

  3. LOVE the layout it is fabulous.Congrats on the AEIOU hope this will make life easier for the whole family.I hope you had FUN, FUN ,FUN with Zina I would have loved to go but Michael changed his plans on me at the last min. Maybe next time.See you soonTanya

  4. This will be a fantastic opportunity for Rainer, and I do understand the emotion that comes with it. But he will benefit from it so much:)Love your layout and yes it does bring so much warmth to the layout with that colour. I love showing the knots in stitching too, it looks great!Hope you had a great day at the Paper FestHave a great week and take careBrenda

  5. Oooh gorgeous LO Giovanna! Love the colours (or lack of iykwim).A huge Congrats for Rainer getting into AEIOU. I haven’t had anything to do with them – haven’t needed to I guess – but I’m sure they’re fantastic and it’s the best thing you can do for him. You’re so lucky to have him there as it’s so important to do the treatment NOW!PMSL at the photo of him with the cereal, hilarious!!! ;)I’m here if you need to talk!

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