Busy Busy Busy…..

Wow, how time flies when you have 2 crazy children at home driving you absolutely mental!!! Mackinley is turning into a realy 5 year old and is so very very contrary that this week I really didn’t like him at all!! He’s been an absolute treasure of a son, and now he’s just turned into walking Testosterone!!!

Nonetheless, the lovely Mrs Reedy came to Brisbane to visit and brought with her the delightful Tristan and so Mackinley and I joined them at the Museum. The boys hadn’t met before but within seconds they were racing around like mad and Tanya and I had trouble locating them at one stage (oops, there goes our “Mother of the Year” nomination LOL). Here’s a brief montage of the day’s activities:

It was a great day and hopefully the boys will remain great mates (as I hope will Tanya and I).

And I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking…..
Ali Edwards is making us all think about our word for the year and it just literally popped into my scone…..STRONG!! I know it probably sounds a little w***y to a non-scrapper but hey, it’s all about ME!!

STRONG FOR: body, spirit, Rainer, Mackinley starting Grade 1 (yay!!), Michael beginning his work trips overseas, me as a scrapper/life artist (yes, continue the w***ering, but it kinda fits) gotta be more forceful about what I want out of this little sideline – DT? published? small band of admiring subjects?? a book?? TV appearances?? radio programme?? … okay, I digress, but I still am in a bit of limbo about whether I want to keep going in this direction.

Another hot topic on the SBC forum was Texture Paste. It’s something we all seem to have but never use. Well, here’s my little effort from my unopened jar, until the other day, that is. It began life (in my head) to be on a layout, but the darn thing turned out to be HUGE, so now it’s a stand-alone frame on our buffet. Got the idea to twist the leather around a painted twig from Vivian Bonder in a SC mag. The flower reminds me of Snow Daisies that Mum used to pick as a young girl in Italy. Wow, really surprised me. I’ll post some instructions if anyone out there is reading and is interested (LOL).


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

5 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy…..

  1. I’m reading, I’m interested. The layout looks really nice. Good luck with Strong. My Ali work is still underconstruction. One more week till school, yah for us!Tanya

  2. hi Giavanna! thought I would stop by and check out life on your side of the wire! Love, love , love your word…mine is SMILE…more of a philosophy really!

  3. Hi Giovanna, thank you so much for visiting my little blog, it was so great to see you there :0) Good luck with your word STRONG. And that texture paste project looks fantastic. Hope you have a good week. Cheers Annette

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