When Enough probably isn’t….

7 Sep

I am the Queen of Restraint when it comes to Art.

The minute I submit something my initial thought is, “Damn, should have done more or added something more!”

I hoped the weekend immersion with Flora Bowley earlier this year would launch me into a full-scale *brave* intuitive Dreaming state. But my friend, Restraint, made its move and halted the launch into Deep Space Free-Range painting.

What I *did* learn from Flora is that I can always re-work, re-visit and re-invent a piece of Art.

So now I am attempting to re-visit works to overcome that tempered Restraint.

I re-visited these Art Journal pages from last week:

I re-worked them a little and in the process gave them more intention and a re-invention.

“Think Outside the Box” became my journal pad late one night. I wrote all the things I can do to stretch myself as an Artist and in other areas of my life.
“The Power of Presence” got more dramatic with stenciling, gold highlights and fine-line painting.

(click on the first image for full-view, then scroll through them)

I think that’s Enough for these two.

xx Giovanna

2 Responses to “When Enough probably isn’t….”

  1. naomi Cox September 7, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    hahahahah gigi I have been known to add paint to a painting that has been framed at my doorway,just because it needed it and spoke to me so never say never!

    • Giovanna Scott September 7, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

      So true Naomi!! When my artwork starts “speaking” to me, you know to call the Nut-house ;)

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